LI man allegedly mocked, fired for Italian heritage sues

Nov 05, 2018 1096

BY: Kathianne Boniello

He apparently watched “The Sopranos” too often. A car service exec allegedly lambasted an Italian-American sales rep because of his heritage, likening Italians to gangsters and mobsters and telling the Long Islander to “take the spaghetti out of your ears,” when he complained, according to a lawsuit.

Former car service exec Ronald Velocci claims in a Brooklyn federal suit that his boss, Addison Lee Group CEO Timothy Rose, repeatedly commented on his ethnicity and age — calling him a “Guinea” — before firing him unjustly in October 2017. When Rose allegedly told Velocci to get clients “laid” in order to get them to buy Addison’s business platform, Velocci protested, only to have Rose mock him, “We got a Guinea here with, what is that, a moral compass?”

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