A Thriving Industry in Westchester County and New York State since 1751

Sep 15, 2021 305

Here at the Saracino Industries family of stone companies, we like to say, "one man's rocks are another man's treasure."  This has been the case for centuries, where dusty, noisy, industrial stone quarry sites yield the finished, polished, pristine architectural stone exhibited on the world's most beautiful structures.

Granites, marbles, limestones, and other stones ordinarily occur in large bodies and are continuous for indefinite distances into the earth.  Westchester County (located immediately north of New York City), by way of natural occurrence, is one of North America's most influential historical stone tracks, having provided native quarried building and monumental stone to some of most distinguished buildings and structures in the United States.

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SOURCE: http://yonkersgranite.com/

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