Scholarship from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

Nov 28, 2018 526

BY: Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

The Scholarship Commission of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts through the Charitable and Educational Trust will award a minimum of twenty (20) scholarships, at a maximum of $1,000 each to properly qualified students who anticipate entering college in the fall of 2019. Scholarship Awards are limited to members of the Senior Class of any secondary school planning to attend an accredited four year college or university in the fall.

One designated award will be made to a properly qualified art student and one to a properly qualified music student, both of whom intend to pursue their education in a recognized and accredited four year school of art or music. One designated award will be granted to a properly qualified student planning to pursue his/her education in a recognized and accredited four/year vocational or technical school.

An “Application for 2019 Scholarship Award” (which can be copied) can be downloaded from our website ( or from your lodge president.

NOTE: The previous versions of the application will not be accepted!

Applications must include all eight (8) items listed under section “C” of the Scholarship checklist. Applications will not be considered unless all information requested is received in ONE ENVELOPE and postmarked NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1, 2019. Each year the Commission must disqualify applications because they are incomplete or postmarked after the deadline.

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