After 90 Years, Eastside Deli Still Serves Massive Meaty Sandwiches And A Side Of Italian American History

Oct 19, 2019 266

BY: Lesley Balla

It's easy to miss Eastside Market Italian Deli, a big beige block of a building you've probably driven past a thousand times while navigating Dodger Stadium. Even with a giant sign on the corner of Alpine Street and Figueroa Terrace, it somehow blends into the streets of Victor Heights.

Bordered by Elysian Park, Echo Park, Chinatown and Angelino Heights, the area is still sometimes referred to as the "Forgotten Edge," a name bestowed by a neighborhood watch group because the LAPD couldn't decide whether it was a part of the Central or Northeast division. The Bermuda Triangle effect makes the deli's 90 years of survival that much more impressive.

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