The Best Gelato in Los Angeles Draws on Local and Global Influences

Jun 22, 2021 294

BY: Joshua Lurie

Italians may have invented gelato, ice cream’s lower-fat, less-aerated cousin, but people enjoying the luxurious frozen treat in Rome or Florence would be hard-pressed to find the types of flavors that Los Angeles gelaterias are producing. The city’s culinary diversity is hard to match, and three shops in particular draw inspiration from global demographics to produce particularly L.A. scoops.

Fatamorgana Gelato expanded from Rome and has embraced L.A. food culture at Studio City and Beverly Hills outposts. Katyna Mercenari teamed with Italian founder Maria Agnese and fills some of her 66 bins (in each location) with L.A.-inspired gelatos and sorbettos. She even serves molded gelato "sushi" with chopsticks.

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