Gluten-Free and Celiac Friendly Italian Spots in LA

Sep 11, 2020 140

BY: Paul Feinstein

Eating healthy these days can mean many different things to many different people. Food allergies run rampant, intolerances are higher than ever, and gut health seems to be top of mind for conscious eaters all over the world. When it comes to gluten intolerance or clinically diagnosed celiac disease, gluten can cause stomach pain and suffering in unimaginable ways.

And for lovers of Italian food, this is the biggest curse of all, because nearly every pasta, bread, and pizza crusts are filled to the brim with gluten. For those not in the know, gluten is a protein that’s commonly found in wheat (and other grains) and helps create the bonds in dough that allows breads to rise, pastas to properly form, and pizza crusts to achieve that chewy texture.

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