Saluté to Della Santina! Twenty-five years of Italian in Sonoma

Oct 12, 2015 261

by Kathleen Thompson Hill

Della Santina's restaurant celebrates its first 25 years in Sonoma throughout the month of October and into November, starting with a pop-up party for 250 in the southwest corner of Sonoma Plaza on Monday, Oct. 12. Here's how they got here.

Querico "Dan" Della Santina left Lucca, Italy 51 years ago for Hollywood and an Italian-American beauty named Shirley. First he tried a bakery in San Francisco's North Beach, then ownership of Marin Joe's for 25 years, and the last 25 years after creating Della Santina's and Enoteca Della Santina next door where Readers' Books started.

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