Orders Up: A visit to Rocco's Italian Restaurant

Jan 13, 2019 395

On the corner of Liberty Street and Cleveland Avenue in Hagerstown stands the place that Hagerstonians knew as Rocco's Italian Restaurant. Italian immigrants Rocco Zappacosta and his wife, Francis who was known as "Angie," built the building, which would eventually become three levels. The first level was known as Rocco's Tavern and was built in the basement.

The first beers were served July 4, 1936, to people returning from the fireworks display at Fairgrounds Park, according to an oral recount given to Leon Kinsey. By Labor Day 1940, levels one through three were finished. And from 1941 through 1946 the kitchen served as a fallout shelter.


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SOURCE: https://www.heraldmailmedia.com

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