Sandro’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant opens at Christiansburg Marketplace

Sep 08, 2021 477

A little bit of Italy has arrived! A family-owned pizzeria and Italian restaurant is making its debut. Sandro’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant is in Christiansburg—tucked in the corner of the new Marketplace shopping center. “Me, my brother and my sister grew up in the restaurant business. And my brother and I have opened up restaurants over the decades,” said Alessandro ‘Sandro’ Pugliese, owner of Sandro’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant.

“We had the opportunity to open one up here so we took advantage of it,” said Sandro. Clearly, they aren’t strangers to the restaurant biz; in 1978 his dad opened Sal’s Jr. in Radford – and later in Fairlawn. “I actually was raised like him in a business. My dad has a restaurant. So we’ve always have --- I don’t know any different. I’ve always been in the restaurant business,” said Lucia Pugliese.

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