Touch of Italy Rehoboth features a brand-new look and vibe, but with the same great menu and mouthwatering products

Jul 01, 2019 189

Touch of Italy is known throughout Delaware’s Cape Region, Ocean City, Md. and Wilmington for authentic Italian ingredients imported from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx! But this Delaware landmark is a lot more than that: Touch of Italy has expanded to offer the Italian Marketplace featuring hard-to-find imported items and one-stop-shopping where guests can purchase TOI-brand peeled tomatoes from San Marzano (so sweet and tender, no sugar needs to be added!), olive oil, crushed red pepper, imported capers, tomato paste, rosemary crackers, gelato and more.

There’s nothing like the crunch and yeasty pull of an expertly baked pizza! And Touch of Italy’s award-winning pizzaiolos stand ready, pizza peel in hand, to present you with the perfect pie. And no wonder: Touch of Italy has been bringing authentic Italian cuisine to Delaware since 2013.

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