D’Agnese’s Lounge offers a grown-up buzz, music and tasty Italian food

Feb 10, 2018 655

BY: Malcolm X Abram

Usually what makes a particular spot hot is what it has: A pool table, really cheap booze, good cheap food, hip and energetic atmosphere, or perhaps a wide variety of “hotties.” But for some folks — particularly those of a certain age — what raises a spot’s temperature is what it doesn’t have: Constantly blaring music, too many intrusive TV screens, smarmy servers or perhaps a wide variety of obnoxious drunken idiots.

For that second group of folks, there are places such as the Lounge at D’Agnese Trattoria and Cafe on White Pond. The restaurant is part of the popular area chain of Italian eateries. The White Pond edition has the restaurant on one side of the property and the lounge on the other, giving the latter its own specific atmosphere.

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SOURCE: https://www.ohio.com

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