A Little Slice of Naples in Chicago’s Backyard

Jul 29, 2019 266

BY: Jacob Trivedi

Cheese making is an art form, much like crafting a bottle of wine or baking pastries. Anyone can make cheese but crafting it to taste unique is what separates the artists from the rest of the crowd. Mozzarella Store Pizza and Caffè has proven its worth in spades. Mozzarella Store (882 N Michigan Ave.) is located where the old Hershey’s Chocolate store front once was. A stone’s throw from Loyola’s downtown campus makes this spot a no brainer for students to try.

Walking into the caffè for the first time brought a wave of memories. The aroma of charring wood and fire-roasted vegetables planted me back to my time in Naples. Naples is an old world city, cobblestone and brick meld seamlessly with modern life. The Mozzarella Store takes a more modern approach with its decor however, it was just as inviting as Naples itself. The only difference was that I wasn’t robbed and everyone spoke English at the restaurant.

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SOURCE: http://loyolaphoenix.com

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