You Must Taste The Cheese Wheel Pasta At This Unique Italian Restaurant In Illinois

Sep 25, 2022 283

If you’re a cheese lover, we’ve got great news for you! A restaurant in Rosemont, Illinois serves a famous cheese wheel pasta. It’s truly better than words can describe! One of the most unique restaurants in Illinois is Carlucci's Rosemont, a Chicago-area Italian spot that serves up homestyle, homemade dishes in a beautiful location.

Every dish served at Carlucci is a work of art. You'll find Italian-American classics on the menu, and there's an entree for every taste. The most intriguing dish on the menu, Linguine con Prosciutto di Parm, is a must-try. Their gourmet dish is a house-made pasta that's served after twirling in a hollowed-out parmesan wheel.

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