The Return of True Italian Imports — Antonio Race and Ciao Vino!

Sep 08, 2021 329

BY: Blaine Howerton

If you’ve ever visited Italy, you know the cuisine is quite fabulous. No doubt, this is due to the freshest, locally-grown ingredients, and traditional methods of farming, raising livestock and food preparation that date back centuries.

Ciao Vino Chef/Owner Antonio Race knows all about these high standards. Born in Miliscola, a small coastal town north of Naples, his father Giuseppe, was a farmer and a fisherman, and his mother Assunta, was a superb cook. Not only had his ancestors been suppliers of fresh seafood but over many generations his forebears had grown their own produce, and made their own breads, gourmet cheeses and wines. Antonio grew up eating such delicious food that he turned his passion and joy into a culinary career.

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