Stellina offers clean, lovely Italian bites in Shook’s Run

Jul 23, 2020 420

BY: Griffin Swartzell

While the city waits for the arrival of storied local spot The Blue Star’s third illustrious iteration ( news yet) the Shooks Run neighborhood can stop in and see what the Blue Star Group can do with Italian food. Stellina Pizza Cafe stands where the Little Market & Deli once stood, a historic neighborhood spot currently co-owned by BSG owner and local restaurateur Joseph Coleman.

He and Will Merwin, a former Blue Star chef, brushed up on their Italian cooking chops in Italy before the spot opened. So we go in expecting something a little different. Well, “go in” is misleading. Due to COVID-19, Stellina has opened as a to-go only outfit, offering on-site pickup. On both visits, we go curbside, so we haven’t had a good look at the interior yet.

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