Volpi Foods switches to paper-based packaging

Aug 23, 2020 290

BY: Kimberlie Clyma

Volpi Foods is working to reduce packaging waste in its retail products by switching to paper-based packaging. The new packaging uses 70% less plastic than standard deli packages, while maintaining its existing shelf life. The new Volpi Eco-Pack is rolling out at retail locations around the country now, as well as online and through the Volpi Foods St. Louis store on The Hill.

“At Volpi Foods, we’re committed to providing high quality products for our consumers, and this starts at the source,” said Deanna Depke, marketing manager for Volpi Foods. “We’re dedicated to creating partnerships with the best local farmers who raise their hogs responsibly. This means no steroids, no gestation crates, fed a primarily vegetarian diet, and freedom to roam and socialize naturally. It only makes sense for our packaging to reflect the same dedication and care.”

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SOURCE: https://www.supermarketperimeter.com

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