"Are These The Top Italian Bakeries in Upstate NY? We Think So!

Mar 07, 2024 993

It was almost impossible to write this gallery without drooling.  The cannoli's, the tiramisu, the struffoli, the pusties, the sfogliatelle, oh my!  The photos are amazing! There are many, many Italian bakeries around Upstate New York. 

Our region has a very large Italian-American population and these citizens have brought over many of the great Old World recipes to their bake shops.  Or should I say their grandparents did. And even their great-grandparents!  Several of these bakeries are 50, 75, and even 100 years old and still going strong. One venerable place on this list is actually well over 100 years old.  And they are still using their original ovens to bake in!

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SOURCE: https://cnynews.com

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