Bottega Fiorentina Has Been Dishing Out Tuscan Food in Brookline for 25 Years

Mar 17, 2019 132

BY: Dana Hatic

Andrea Ferrini estimates he’s seen 22 new businesses open on Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner in the last 25 years. His has been a constant in that time, doling out plates full of al dente pasta, sandwiches, and more dishes prepared in the style of his hometown, Florence, Italy. Today, Bottega Fiorentina remains a fixture of the Coolidge Corner neighborhood, a casual Italian restaurant and retail shop that is welcoming to both regulars and newcomers alike.

Bottega has been part of the Brookline landscape since its opening in 1994, so much so that Ferrini has seen college students return years later with their kids in tow. He also has a rotation of regulars — some who don’t even wait for the doors to open at 11 a.m. before they’re lining up for coffee and lunch.

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