Italian Food On-The-Go: Where to Grab a Great Panino in NYC

Jun 05, 2020 187

BY: Stephanie Rizzolo

As the warmer days of spring and early summer descend upon New York City, a new sense of life emerges. Bike riders whiz by, as dog walkers, exercise enthusiasts, and pedestrians fall into a cadence down the sidewalks. The parks are peppered with entertainers, couples, families, and those yearning for a bit of nature. Sun seekers pack up their cars for a beachside respite.

As we give our tired ovens and hands at home cooking a break, our stomachs can rest assured by reaching for a quick, familiar, satisfying, and economical Italian staple, the panino. Panini or “sandwiches” make the perfect on-the-go meal, and Italians have really taken them to the next level by using delicious, high-quality ingredients.

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