The Man Who Brought Pure Italian Experience to New York in the Form of Food

Sep 05, 2020 175

BY: Greg Nelson

This is the story of Michele Casadei Massari, the man who brought pure Italian experience to New York in the form of food. Every individual in this world has a passion and a dream to turn it into a career. Many people believe that nothing in life is better than working in a field that they love; it is an ideal situation. While everyone dreams, not all have the potential to turn it into reality. Along with skills and talent, this requires determination, patience, perseverance, and consistency.

Dreams do not turn into reality overnight; one has to struggle to make it to the top. How long the struggle phase will be, depends upon a person’s efforts and, of course, on fate. Michele, who spent much of his childhood with his grandfather in his wood-burning kitchen, used to work part-time at restaurants during his time at med-school.

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