More Space, and a Bigger Menu, Too

Jun 08, 2013 1125

by Alice Gabriel

Modern, New Rochelle's beloved pizza joint, moved this past winter from cramped quarters to a lofty space that was first a car showroom and later a restaurant supply store. As recorded on various social media sites, loyal patrons were variously elated and scandalized. But no one can dispute that the new home of this Italian-American emporium — with its vaulted ceiling, giant arched windows and granite floor — is a knockout.

You can get your expectations up. The valet parking, the glamorous room, the bustling bar, the swell soundtrack, the curvy banquettes — all conspire to make you feel like a million bucks. As one guest noted metaphorically, "The temperature is just right." (If only diners dressed for the occasion; the cargo shorts and T-shirts many wore seemed wrong for the place.)

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Source: The New York Times

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