Mozzafiato Pizzeria set to open soon in Centereach

Nov 20, 2020 150

BY: Ana Borruto

Joe Strada would always walk into a typical pizzeria and feel like something was missing — something, breathtaking. His long-held concept for an ideal pizzeria will now be brought to life with Mozzafiato Pizzeria — which translates to “breathtaking” in Italian — opening at 1950 Middle Country Road in Centereach this fall.

Mozzafiato Pizzeria will offer three kinds of pizza: brick-oven, classic New York style, and pizza al tagio, which is a traditional, square slice commonly served in Italy. John Ioannou, his head chef and manager, said the brick-oven style will use ingredients all sourced from Italy before hitting the heat of the brick oven, which was imported from Milan.

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