Yorktown Chef Opens First Restaurant in Larchmont

Oct 09, 2013 603

Nick Di Bona, who was born and raised in Yorktown, grew up in an Italian-American home that was filled with delicious food that would automatically draw him into the kitchen. Now, he is the owner of his very first restaurant in Westchester.

Di Bona, 28, officially celebrated the grand opening of his New-American cuisine inspired Madison Kitchen on Sept. 25 in Larchmont.

"I always knew I wanted to open my own business," said Di Bona, who is following the entrepreneurial steps of his father Adam, who owns auto body shops in Bronxville. "I always knew I loved what I was doing."

Di Bona, who lives less than a mile away from Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown, began his culinary career as a busboy at that restaurant after he got his working papers at age 14.

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Source: http://yorktown-somers.patch.com

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