Barbecue and pizza? This Madison Italian restaurant has both and more

Mar 09, 2020 591

BY: Kara Kimbrough

“Wanna go to the Italian place?” An invitation with those words in it is one I rarely, if ever, turn down. Heading into the parking lot of Angelo’s, located just off I-55 North near Gluckstadt, I was surprised to see the words “barbecue and pizza” along with Italian. Although I had my mind set on my favorite cuisine, I was glad to see others could take their pick from among other selections. I soon found out Angelo’s offers Italian food and a whole lot more.

For example, the long list of appetizers runs the gamut from chicken tenders with dipping sauce ($6.99), mac and cheese bites ($7.99), barbecue nachos ($10.99) to wings served with a variety of different sauces ($10.99) to cheesy bread with homemade tomato gravy, a perfect accompaniment to an Italian meal or any other, for that matter.

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