Check out Pizzeria Venti for a 'dreamy' pizza experience

Aug 19, 2021 231

BY: Grub Scout

Pizzeria Venti was just one of the many pizzeria recommendations I have received in the last few weeks. The Grub Spouse and I showed up at the Vonore location for dinner a few weeks back. Upon entering, we quickly learned that it’s not quite a full-service pizzeria, in the sense that we had to queue up at the main counter to order before claiming a table. That’s where the large menu signage laid out a respectable array of pizza and other Italian-style dishes.

Pizza is served by the slice and by the pan. In fact, Pizzeria Venti claims to be America’s only authentic "sliceria." I’m not sure how they define authentic, and I think they flat-out made up the word “sliceria,” but it is indeed unusual to find a place that serves pizza by the slice in this region, much less rural Monroe County.

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