Gelato, anyone? Authentic European treat making the rounds in Rock Hill

Jul 24, 2018 389


When Punt and John Presto decided recently to throw a birthday party for their 200-year-old house on Charlotte Avenue, they knew where to turn for dessert. A neighbor, Jennifer Sandler is a gelatician. She’s trained in the centuries-old art of making Italian-style ice cream.

She also owns a gelato bicycle cart — a shiny blue and white rig, with striped awning and gold-color gelato bin covers that look like scoops of ice cream. The name, Wanderlust Gelato, is proudly emblazoned on the side along with a logo, the planet Earth nestled in a wafer cone. “Serving ice cream to 200 people would have been messy, not to mention what might happen if bees got word,” said Punt Presto.

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