Grab some delicious gnocchi at Gnocchissimo in Miami Beach

Dec 14, 2020 244

If you’re going to do one thing, you better do it right. A new to-go spot on Washington Avenue in South Beach is doing exactly that. They know good gnocchi. Hope you brought your appetite. When it comes to gnocchi, Gnocchissimo wants to be your one and only. Stefano Carniato, owner, Gnocchissimo: “It’s a concept with a large menu with just one product — gnocchi.”

In Italian, Gnocchissimo sorta means “super good gnocchi.” Stefano Carniato: “Mashed potato is like gnocchi, more or less.” That brings up a good point. These little potato balls technically aren’t pasta. Stefano Carniato: “They call it pasta in America, but it’s not pasta. It’s an artisanal product you make with potato, flour and eggs.”

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