52 Weeks of Pizza: Volare Italian Restaurant near Olmos Park scores high with cheese pizza

Aug 05, 2020 224

BY: Mike Sutter

The 80-year-old Olmos Pharmacy building on McCullough Avenue isn’t a pharmacy anymore, nor is it a soda fountain or a diner or a nightclub called the Bharmacy. A year and a half ago, it became the second location of Volare Italian Restaurant, the small Broadway cafe owned by Antonio Sorgente and his wife, Pilar De La Vega.

In addition to a full spectrum of pastas, salads, subs, carbonara dishes and Italian appetizers, the menu used to have 20 specialty pizzas, baked in big steel deck ovens like a New York pizzeria. The streamlined COVID-19 lineup cut that number by half, part of a one-page menu accessible through a QR code you scan with your phone when dining in.

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SOURCE: https://www.expressnews.com

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