Sipping With The Fishes at Avo

Dec 02, 2015 531

The Italian influences in New Orleans are everywhere from St. Joseph's Day to the muffuletta. However, Avo's chef Nick Lama is about to go full-throttle with the green, white , and red. For December, he is rolling out his take on traditional Italian "Feast of the Seven Fishes." Anyone who has logged time with an Italian grandmother can tell you that the Feast is the classic Christmas Eve meal for families descended from South Italians.

(Do not expect spaghetti and meatballs—or ask for it. If you do, Aunt Cecilia might give you the malocchio.) No, on the 24th, it's all about the fish. The origins of the meal differ depending who you ask. However, consensus opinions cite that the Catholic tradition of subbing seafood for meat on certain days and times of year (e.g. our Fish Fry Fridays) is at the root.

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