Tony's Italian Delicatessen earns loyalty from Spring-area residents

Apr 17, 2022 213

BY: Emily Lincke

One sandwich is all it took for Lori Hutchison to know she wanted to be more than a patron of Tony’s Italian Delicatessen. Three years later, her dream of owning the local deli came true. “A friend of mine brought me a sandwich, and I was floored by it and said, ‘Where did you get this?’” Hutchison said.

Tony’s serves hot and cold sandwiches—dubbed “carnegies” after Carnegie Hall. The menu boasts staple subs, such as meatball, ham melts and turkey as well as salads and treats, such as cannoli. When Hutchison first approached the previous owners of the deli in 2017, she said they were not interested in working together. Not long after, however, the store went up for sale, and Hutchison was able to buy the business.

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