Bartolotti’s Pizza Bistro: a new addition to the EMU family

Nov 19, 2021 196

BY: Melvin Bravo

“Our rule here is that we don’t serve anything my mother wouldn’t serve me,” Steve Shinn, owner of Bartolotti’s Pizza Bistro, said. For those campus dwellers, teachers and students alike, a new restaurant has made its way onto our turf: Bartolotti’s Pizza.

The restaurant has expanded from Eugene to Springfield and even the Cottage Grove area throughout the years, and now it will make its new mark here at the EMU and bring some classic Italian dishes to the study halls of our curriculum. The restaurant is located in the EMU beneath the Chipotle and Panda Express, where Falling Sky pizzeria used to be. The restaurant welcomes those on campus — not just with slices, pies, garlic knots and pasta.

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