Brooklyn V’s Pizza owner finds his New York-style Italian food travels well to Gilbert

Jun 10, 2019 337

BY: Jason Skoda

Vito LoPiccolo knew exactly what the people of New York City expected from a pizza. He says it is why he was able to thrive in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens for 20 years with his classic and mastered menu. He did not have that same feel when he moved to Arizona and opened Brooklyn V’s in October 2014 at the northeast corner of Warner and Lindsay roads.

“I was absolutely worried,” LoPiccolo said. “I said to myself when I first opened that if people wanted Papa John’s and all of those places, I’d probably close after a few months because we are a true Italian restaurant. I put out a good quality product. “Word got around by word of mouth to let the business thrive. It worked out. You should be rewarded if you put out a good product.”

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