Delicious pizzas emerge from this Bothell eatery’s huge oven

Feb 04, 2020 361

BY: Evan Thompson

Jason Bailey had to tear down some walls so people could enjoy his pizza. Bailey, who co-owns The Brick Oven Pizza Lounge on Bothell Way NE, had a 4-ton brick-lined oven shipped to his restaurant from the East Coast. But the monster oven, 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide, wouldn’t fit through any of the doors.

“I thought we were going to have a problem,” he said. Bailey, who has done plenty of construction at his three other restaurants, gave the Pizza Lounge entrance a face lift to squeeze the oven in. Problem solved. Since opening Oct. 30, Bailey and his staff have made Neapolitan-style pizza around the clock. The process for making the 14-inch pizzas takes about 12 hours, but the dedication is worth it, as I, my dad and family friend Katie Boer of Bothell discovered at a recent visit.

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