From Italy To Hawaiʻi: Mad Bene Chef Feeds Community After Coronavirus Tragedy

Jul 07, 2020 415

BY: Sarah Burchard

Bao Tran, executive chef of Mad Bene on Oʻahu, spent 10 years honing his craft in New York City.  One of his most treasured memories is when his chef sent him to Viareggio, Italy, to stage at Ristorante La Dogana – a family-run, hilltop restaurant overlooking the ocean and a small town. For four months, Tran worked beside its chef, rolling pasta and simmering ragu in exchange for an authentic education in Italian cuisine. 

In December, Tran brought his memories of New York and Italy to life on Oʻahu by helping create Mad Bene. Inspired by the red-sauce joints of New York, the restaurant brims with Italian ingredients, techniques and cooking philosophy.

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