The Newest Italian Restaurant Opens at the Venetian

Jan 03, 2019 373

A touch of Italian fare with Los Angeles roots arrived in Las Vegas for the new year. The Factory Kitchen opened in the former B&B Ristorante space on restaurant row at the Venetian. Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi, who formerly worked at Spago, and chef Angelo Auriana, who spent 18 years as the chef at LA’s Valentino, serve traditional Italian dishes in a trattoria-style restaurant.

The Venetian space, which only serves dinner until Jan. 4, includes a bar with its own menu, something not offered in Los Angeles. Architect Thomas Schlesser of Design Bureaux created the look of the 152-seat restaurant the features a palette of orange and forest green with reclaimed wood tables. Art Deco-style light fixtures, concrete walls, and gray banquettes are found throughout the space.

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