Pizza a'fetta establishes itself in Seaside

Nov 23, 2020 275

BY: Linda Hoard

James Faurentino opened Pizza a’fetta in Cannon Beach on Aug. 22, 1988 at 11:45 a.m. He was the only one behind the counter. When he saw a line outside the front door, he yelled, “Mom!” for some help. The family-driven pizza spot has been in business ever since. This past summer, a second Pizza a’fetta location was opened in Seaside.

Faurentino was first inspired to make pizza by his grandmother, who immigrated from Italy. As his family celebrated her 80th birthday, female family were busy making homemade pizzas: flinging crusts in the air, then adding 18 spices to a rich tomato sauce which cooked for three hours, then fermented for 12. He knew then that he wanted to open a pizza restaurant.

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