Treat yourself with a glass of Prosecco

Sep 28, 2019 600

BY: Audrey Strong

Scottsdale/Phoenix enjoys a vibrant food and wine culture. But also due to its great weather year-round, is home to top aerobatic pilots and two of the busiest general aviation airports in the United States. Scottsdale/Phoenix’s energetic outdoor spirit is the perfect location to push the limits and celebrate the victory with diverse fine foods and – of course – Prosecco. 

Valdo Spumanti and Scottsdale’s EC Aerosports are teaming up to introduce high-quality Prosecco to wine and food lovers around the USA. Phoenix/Scottsdale is a rapidly growing fine dining region, known for knowledgeable and enthusiastic wine drinkers. It’s also home to more than 150,000 Italians. When you bring together fine dining, wine lovers and a robust Italian culture, it is the perfect place to introduce the next level of quality Prosecco while connecting it to the area’s robust aviation community. 

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