Veranda delivers inviting Italian cuisine

Jan 22, 2019 484

One of the most relaxing restaurants in Vegas has to be Veranda at Four Seasons. It’s laidback and approachable, yet still elegant, much like the dishes. Chef Joel Ott, a veteran of some of the most revered restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, conveys a passion for his craft in the Italian menu served here—and you may even detect a hint of his Midwest upbringing in additional offerings.

Feel free to indulge in a glass of prosecco while perusing the menu; it’s a nice way to get in the mood for your meal. You may want to start that with a little antipasti of ahi crudo, thinly sliced with blood orange and pine nuts; a little spiciness is courtesy of the Fresno chili. Or perhaps you prefer a soup course—and that changes depending on what is in season. Recently, a carrot-ginger concoction with coconut foam atop caused the diners at our table to scoop up every spoonful.

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