The 10 Italian world records that maybe you didn't know about

Oct 02, 2018 304


There are many excellences that make Italy a unique place in the world. The peculiarity of the Italian territory and its ancient history make it possible to find things that cannot be found elsewhere. Italian Traditions will present the 10 world records that make Italy an international excellence by explaining in detail what they are. We will lead you on the discovery of the beauties and peculiarities of the Italian peninsula.

One of the records attributed to Italy concerns the presence of someĀ ancient sitesĀ that have a long history and are still active today. An example is the oldest University still operating in the Western world. This is the University of Bologna founded in 1088. Over the years, the imposing building has hosted some students who later went on to became famous. These include three Italian popes, businessmen and politicians.

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