30 breathtaking flights over Italian beauty, drones star in a new campaign by the Italian Ministry of Culture

Sep 11, 2022 306

Thirty breathtaking flights over Italian archaeology and beauty. From the most well-known and visited places of cultural heritage to the lesser-known ones. The new campaign of the Ministry of Culture is a spectacular journey that allows people to look at archaeological areas, villas and monumental complexes from an original point of view: thanks to the new generation of drones, it is in fact possible to fly over Italian beauty and catch unseen details.

The nests of storks on the chimneys of the Racconigi Castle, the flight of the flamingos of the Po Delta over the archaeological area of Spina, the swooping flight from Villa Jovis in Capri, the whirling slalom in the undergrounds of the Campanian amphitheater of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and, a bit like a roller coaster, the flights among the wonders of Sepino, Alba Fucens and Aquileia.

But also glides between the frescoed walls of the Villa Medicea in Poggioacaiano and the quieter, more evocative flight between the rooms of the Sperlonga museum and into Tiberius' cave. From sunset to sunrise, a journey in natural light that allows us to capture the many nuances of Italian beauty.

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SOURCE: https://cultura.gov.it

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