6th generation panettone baker shares sweet secret of their Italian holiday tradition

Dec 23, 2021 334

BY: Kelly McCarthy

The holiday season is synonymous with many delicious foods steeped in cultural traditions. Panettone is an Italian classic that one lauded, family-run bakery has passionately prepared by hand across six generations. Nicola Olivieri, owner and head baker at Olivieri 1882, grew up in his family's bakery that has been making breads for nearly 140 years.

He told "Good Morning America" all about the rich history of the sweet holiday staple that's "always associated with Christmastime." "Panettone has always been linked with Christmas here in Italy, and it's completely part of our culture," Olivieri said of the distinct dome-shaped sweet bread bursting with fragrant notes of butter, orange and vanilla. "It has always been considered to be the iconic dessert for Christmas lunch with the family, an occasion to be all together."

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SOURCE: https://abcnews.go.com

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