Alto Adige Whites: Simple

Aug 02, 2018 253

BY: Joel Mack

On so many occasions just like that one, the crisp, clean, affordable white wines of Alto Adige / Südtirol DOC transformed my everyday life with their simple elegance, making the mundane special, if not memorable. The indication of Südtirol in the DOC name reflects the German language influence in this bilingual area of Italy (formerly part of Austria).

The Alto Adige/Südtirol DOC is a broad one that encompasses six subzones and no less than eleven principal white grape varieties. The zone’s high altitudes and cool alpine nights encourage remarkably fresh and aromatic wines. What’s more, Alto Adige/Südtirol DOC requires a minimum 85% of the grape variety named on the label, though many producers use 100%, providing wine lovers a great opportunity to experience varietal wines.

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