Beauty Will Save The World: In Homage To Sorrentino

Oct 08, 2018 269

BY: Pietro Cesaro

Beauty will save the World”, Dostoevskij once said. And Paolo Sorrentino some years ago tried to save Italian cinema with his masterpiece: The Great Beauty. I have always wondered, given the plot of the movie, what the director was thinking when he decided the title of the movie. What is the great beauty? Does it represent the wonderful contrast between what’s sacred and what’s profane? Or the Caravaggesque light and shade one can enjoy throughout the movie, as symbol of the contrasting nature of Roman society? Or is it maybe the eternal and unforgettable monologue by Toni Servillo about the inconsistencies of human relationships?

We are not supposed to know, but the Italian film director once alluded to the importance of his wife and children, as family allows you to regain the lost balance and to ward off the disease of loneliness. Sorrentino lost his parents in a car accident when he was very young, and he felt lonely during the entire youth. I guess he further developed awareness of his capabilities and of the wide range of emotions that a human being can comprehend during the events of a lifetime. He started thinking about the theatrical arts when he first watched “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”, by Tornatore. Thus, he decided to drop Economics at university. The cultural scene in Naples was flourishing at the time, thanks to inspiring people like Antonio Capuano, leading to an abundance of possibilities of purposing new cultural and artistic projects.

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