Beyond the postcards: Sicily's Villages of Treasures

May 28, 2024 137

BY: Teresa Di Fresco

Although many Sicilians have left their homeland over the past century and a half in search of a better future, they certainly haven’t forgotten it. They’ve integrated well into new countries, cities, and communities, often achieving successful careers and earning respect. Generations have passed, but for those with Sicilian blood, the call of their heritage remains strong.

Aware of this, the Borghi dei Tesori Roots Festival has been held in Sicily for the past four years. This year’s edition is part of the Year of Roots Tourism, a project by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its regional branch, Italea Sicilia. The name Italea Sicilia is a reminder that just as a cutting taken from a plant can thrive and bear new fruit when planted in fertile soil, emigrants can also flourish in new environments.

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