Beyond Sangiovese: 7 Italian Grape Varieties You Won't Find Anywhere Else in the World

Mar 28, 2024 268

BY: Emilee Tombs

When it comes to indigenous grape varieties, Italy is king. With over 2,000 to choose from, winemakers literally have the pick of the bunch, yet only a handful (think Sangiovese and Nebbiolo) have gained international notoriety. If you want to explore more interesting styles of wine that you won’t find elsewhere, and buy wines that offer better value for money, then indigenous grapes are the way to go.

The annual Decanter World Wine Awards is typically awash with Italy’s best-known and loved grapes, many of which have become international stars. You’ll see plenty of award-winning wines made with Barbera grapes (for Barbera d’Asti and d’Alba wines), Sangiovese (Chianti), Nebbiolo (Barolo), Corvina (Valpolicella), and Cortese (Gavi), but not many of Italy’s indigenous varieties. 

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