Blue seas and pictures of the perfect nature of Tuscany

Jul 15, 2019 241

Sun, sea and nature: these are Tuscany's vacation gift to you. A fun-filled environment full of places to discover with a costal setting perfect for everyone. After diving into the region’s beautiful sea, take a stroll around the historical center of local historic towns. The day can’t end without a trip to nearby museums and squares, where visitors can discover the area’s monuments and sample traditional cuisine at a local tavern or trattoria. Then put on your dancing shoes and go for a twirl or spend the evening chatting away in a pub or elegant café.

Tuscany is renowned all over Italy for its beautiful beaches - nature lovers and sports fans can enjoy myriad seaside sports or relax in their own corner of costal paradise. Many of the area’s beach resorts have earned themselves ‘Blue Flags,’ which bear witness to clean water, top-quality natural landscapes and noteworthy services.

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