Caderzone Terme, a thousand shades of... green

May 18, 2022 111

The green of alpine woods, the bright green of endless fields, the light green of pastures as far as the eye can see and the bright colours of golf greens: this tiny village of Caderzone Terme in the province of Trento is a jewel in the emerald green of the Randena Valley that is featured by the blue sky for the most part of the year, the flashed white of glaciers of Adamello-Presanella, the deep blue colour of the river Sarca that quietly runs near the village and the deep red of the sharpen edges of Dolomiti of Brenta in the sunset.

It’s a palette of colours and feelings that has been charming the kings and the Queens, the bishops and noble families that have made this area one of the best loved by the Middle-European élite for the last centuries between Italy and Austria and a short period being spent under the influence of the Kingdom of Baviera controlled by Napoleon.

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