Campania: Cilento's Wines in Five Words

Jul 02, 2021 232

Cilento is located in the Campania's region, precisely in the province of Salerno. It's an area rich in history, nature and traditions. Amongst the hills and beaches are hidden those that are today an object of great pride, the wines of Cilento, born from a great local tradition that has been handed down over time. A true gastronomic heritage. Let's discover together how to describe them in just 5

1. History

Every Cilento wine tells its own story, the one of the people who produced it, a story that goes back to ancient traditions, handed down from generation to generation and brought to the table until today. Viticulture dates back to very ancient times, wine production was born with the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and the latter imported it into the Italian territory. 

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