Christ of the Abyss, the treasure of the abbey of San Fruttuoso

Jun 30, 2022 190

BY: Giulia Di Felice

The heat has arrived and we can not help but think about where we will go on holiday this summer. Among the many destinations already proposed, the Liguria is certainly one of the most accredited, where in a few kilometers we can find ourselves discovering the treasure of the abbey of San Fruttuoso, the crystal clear waters of Portofino and the beautiful landscapes of the hinterland

One of the best known destinations is obviously Portofino, but of all that is inside the Park of Portofino you still know relatively little. We always think, in fact, of the colorful houses that overlook the bay and the nightlife made of luxury boats and famous people, but few really take into account everything that is located in the surrounding area.

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