Coming to Italy? here’s some food for thought

Jun 29, 2022 279

Everyone moves for different reasons and at different stages in their lives. I moved when I was 18 for college. At ages 26 and 34, I moved for work and, finally, at 37 for love and adventure. I packed up my American life and moved to Italy. I was basically living in a Nora Ephron movie. I just didn’t realize Nora Ephron also wrote really long, dramatic sagas. 

I relocated only weeks before Italy entered a nation-wide lockdown. My husband, who at the time was my boyfriend, decided that lockdown would be easier if we stayed with his parents. Ahem. (Please hold for dramatic pause.) Of course, his parents are lovely people. But living with other people’s families is never a breeze. And on top of cohabiting a space, let’s add in a pandemic, language barriers, and enough cultural differences to make a 90s sitcom. 

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